University of Turku


Capstone projects

Learning outcomes

At the course students adapt their theoretical knowledge to implement and tune a working solution to a real-life challenge.

After the course students

  • can plan and manage team work extending over several months and connect their own work with team deliverables
  • recognize the roles and responsibilities of members in a project team and potential challenges in team work
  • know how to communicate topics of one's own discipline to stakeholders with diverse educational backgrounds.
  • know from firsthand experience how a complex and possibly ill-defined problem is approached and solved through dividing work into phases with their own sub goals, milestones and deliverables
  • can analyze and communicate the progress and performance of the project to external stakeholders


Project topics are unique for each instance of the course. Topics are driven by real needs of companies, communities and research groups. For each chosen topic, a project team of typically 5-8 members with different study backgrounds will be formed.




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Robot positioning system based on UWB and Bluetooth 5 with our own algorithm

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A Small-scale 3D Map with Full View

Based on LiDAR data, creating a detailed 3D map of UTU campus using LeGO-LOAM algorithm

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Behavior Tracking in Virtual Reality

Tracking of the human focus in virtual space

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Logbook for doctors specializing in general medicine.

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Immersive Augmented Reality Platform

The purpose of the project was to design, demonstrate and study immersive augmented reality.

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Interacting Payment Terminal via Web-Based Point of Sale System

The goal of the project is to integrate a payment terminal into existing web-based Point of Sale system that is widely used in beauty salons in Finland.

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Large-scale 3D Mapping

Using 3D lidars and deep cameras to gather pointcloud data from the cathedral and the ICT building to map the environment, and visualizing them with a web viewer.

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RoboLang BIOS

Study about the emotional related reactions of adults in human robot interaction.

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Security Solution for IoT Device

The goal of this project was to develop a new security solution to an IoT device. We identified multiple ways how our given target platform (Thingsee One) could be attacked.

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Smart Home System

A smart home system consisting of networked embedded devices, a smart phone application, and a cloud service.

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Tax Card on Mobile Device

Project goals were to enable mobile use and resolve general usability issues faced by users of the current government tax card system.

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Tech Trout

Enviromental monitoring for the happy fish

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Visualization of pointcloud with Cartographer web viewer

Using 3D lidar sensor to gather pointcloud data from university campus and visualizing it with a web viewer.

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Waiting Times For Surgery

Surgery waiting time prediction and analysis platform for Auria Clinical Informatics

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Welding Monitoring and Sensor Fusion

The project innovates welding monitoring with SICK Ranger Cameras and lasers, enabling real-time defect detection.