Åbo universitet


The Goal

The main idea was to make a game that teaches the basics of the cancer genetics for medical and dentist students. We had to design and implement a new kind of a game, as there are not many games in this area. There is a new trend of gamification as pedagogical method, because gamification is used to increase motivation and it enhances deep learning.

The Result

We created a game with Unity that consists of a patient phase and a doctor phase. The game has several mini-games that allow the player to test their skills in cancer genetics and also view learning material in-game. One of the mini-games is a connecting game, where the player must connect the right pathogen to the right cancer. The second mini-game is a text grabber, and the purpose of this is to select the right word to fill sentences. The game also features a quiz game and a game consisting of interactive images used to illustrate the operation of a cell, as well as a bonus-game. Players can track their in-game performance with a score point that are collected during the game. The doctor phase is unlocked after player has collected enough points in all studying related mini-games.

The Future

In the future medical faculty first-year students could use this game to test their knowledge about cancer genetics in a fun way, and to learn more about cancer genetics. Medical faculty could also develop the game further if they wish to add more features to it.