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About our project

In this project, we are supposed to design a robot position system, in which each robot can know others relative position in real time with UWB and Bluetooth 5 technology. The advantage of UWB is high-precision positioning, Bluetooth 5 is wide-range flexible communication.

This system has a very broad application prospect and great market demand, especially in rooms environment with poor GPS signals and to deal with the requirements for cooperation with multiple robots. For example, this system can used in following scenarios:

  • Robot sorting: Stage performance
  • Robot shopping guide: To prevent the robot responsible area overlap


Our project has three advantages, which exactly fit the needs of today's industry:

  • Accurate due to the UWB,

  • Cost-effective due to the base station-free

  • User-friendly due to flexible deployment structure.


We can achieve the distance measurement, relative position measurement and communication between the three moving robots in real time.

Real-time information:

One UWB module can distinguish ID and measure the distance from the other three UWB modules.

The two UWB modules can simultaneously distinguish ID and measure distance from others.


Obtain the data sequence of UWB transmitter, then realize relative position measurement.

  • DDOA (Distance Difference of Arrival).
  • RCC (Relative Coordinate Calculation).


Share information through mesh-network, such as location and position.
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