University of Turku


In collaboration with Gurulogic Microsystems Oy we have agreed to build a video surveillance system, which will provide a tool for surveillance of working space. Our goal was to create a centralized solution, which enables efficient recording. The captured and stored videos take as little place as possible on the server, as another aim of our project. Both real live recording and monitoring options are provided by our project, which makes it beneficial in many areas not only providing more secure working space.

Technology used

The system takes advantages of cloud technologies and the web-site is hosted on the Alibaba cloud services. To make user experience as smooth as possible videos to be streamed and viewed are also stored at the same place. They are uploaded there by Raspberry Pi. The application is build using Reaktor framework. All in all, the hardware and software used during the project implementation are:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Alibaba Cloud services
  • Reaktor framework

You can view our web-site at: VSS

(The videos displayed there currently are hardcorded for the demo version)

Also, below are listed the links to our documentation:

Bild av projektet