University of Turku


UTUMAP stands for an interactive campus map for the University of Turku.

Our goal was to develop a campus map web service that enables students, staff and visitors to easily navigate in the University of Turku campus area and find the wide range of services offered by the university.

Our main development principles were usability, mobile-first design, cross-platform and responsive web design and open source. The customers of the project were the university IT Services and Department of Geography and Geology. In addition, the Property and Facility Management of the University of Turku co-operated with us during the project.

As the result of the project, our team designed and implemented a map service that consists of an OpenStreetMap-based outdoor map and floor plan-based indoor maps. In addition to basic map functionalities, like moving the map and zooming, the map service includes a predictive search for buildings, rooms, university staff and lecture room reservation information. It shows the search result on the map and also portrays important information related to it, such as contact, lecture room and lunch information. Furthermore, you can share a short URL link of the search result.

The prototype version can be viewed here.
Bild av projektet