University of Turku



The purpose of this project was to build an application, which could increase social life among students. With the help of our application, students could get new relationships and have a great time together. Student organizations arrange events, but they are only on predefined days and not so often. With the 7vent application, it is possible to create events whenever you feel so! Application user does not have to know other users beforehand, because application will inform nearby users with upcoming events.

We created mobile application with browser capabilities for university students. Application users can create own events in seven different categories, like sports, food or culture. Other users can search events by their own interests and/or what’s close to them, and then join chosen events. By the help of the application, different users can meet up others with the same interests and get new social relationships. Available events can be seen at Google Map and at listed view. User can see his own hosted and joined events through user’s own page.

Our goal was to create an application which is easy and simple to use. User can create events quickly whenever he/she feels so. Our primary target audience was students at Turku University. In the future it is possible that our application will benefit many different user groups.
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