University of Turku


The current scorekeeping software used in Finnish baseball is too complicated and hard to use. For that reason it is used on the highest level leagues only. Our projects purpose was to create an easier option. Our solution is a mobile platform for Finnish baseball to store and manage match, team and player statistics. It is a modern system with effortless user experience. Applications for storing, viewing and managing statistics will be available for any mobile devices and browsers and the statistics are expanded to cover even junior levels. Our solution consists of three different applications.


PesisTilastoija is the part where storing of the match statistics is done. The users of it are the hundreds of statisticians throughout Finland. User moves the players on the screen according to match events. The application then creates the statistics automatically and stores them in our database. PesisTilastoija is easy to learn and feedback from users has been really positive.


The purpose of PesisSeuraaja is to follow matches live. It is intended for fans of the teams, parents of junior players or anyone else interested in following the matches live. Also team managers can benefit from these live statistics and make changes to their team tactics accordingly. PesisSeuraaja shares the same match field view with PesisTilastoija. It also shows the scoreboard and individual player’s statistics for the match. Match results and league tables are also available through PesisSeuraaja.


The third part is called PesisHallinnoija. It is the tool for managing leagues and teams and allows adding of new players to the database. In addition to this, the system also offers custom tournament functionality. This is ideal for schools or businesses organizing one-day tournaments.
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