University of Turku


Our goal was to create a concept and a prototype for an anti-smoking game. The main challenge was how to tell children about all the bad effects of tobacco in a fun and engaging way. We wanted to include the following negative aspects of smoking in the game:

  • It destroys your health
  • It ruins your skin and looks
  • Smoking costs a lot of money
  • Bad effects smoking has on the environment and your surroundings

Our final product is a game where you move around in a city. You earn money by doing sports minigames and you are free to go shopping, or to visit your own house. However, there is a shady dude offering you tobacco. If you accept and start smoking, your sports performance will suffer. Also you will need money to buy cigarettes and your house will be filled with tobacco trash.

We are fascinated about how a well produced game can help the tobacco education at schools and build children the courage to say no to smoking. Future development will include heavy work on the graphics and more content to our city. Thank you for reading!
Bild av projektet