University of Turku


Cardiovascular diseases are the reason of around 20-25% deaths among working age population (from 15 to 64 years). For elderly people the number is twice higher. The problem with heart diseases is that they may progress silently without making any discomfort to the patients. More over even at late stages symptoms arise periodically and to detect them, a continuous long-term monitoring is required. This procedure is called Holter monitoring. Patients get a portable device that is attached to the body and records electrocardiogram signal continuously for the whole day. Then those results are partly deciphered by software and then looked through by doctors.

We want to develop a user-friendly hardware device that does not require doctor’s time to perform prophylactic health check. The main idea is that the disease detection performed online directly in a device and outputted to user. The user does not need perform extra actions like installing extra software and transferring data, so it is suitable for all patient groups. It enables easy and cheap early stage heart disease detection, which is beneficial for bot patients and clinics.

Goal of the project:

  • Buildup hardware platform to collect ECG signal.
  • Implement an algorithm for ECG signal classification and heart disease diagnose.
  • Map our algorithm to FPGA or MCU.
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