University of Turku


Technology behind lung auscultation is already 200 years old. At the same time, there is a huge need for accurate diagnosis of lung sounds. For example, there are atleast 250 million people suffering from asthma, and many of them without knowing it. Since stethoscope is the most important device for a doctor, and the primary tool for auscultation, it’s time to update the technology according to the needs of this century.

We are developing a new monitoring system for patients suffering from lung disease. The system consists of a portable device attached to a smartphone, an app and analysis algorithm running on server. Our algorithm will analyze if patient has some lung condition. In case there is a need to contact a doctor, result and audio files are transferred. This method will save patient’s time and money, and reduce stress to health care system.

Our system was developed with simplicity, easiness-of-use and cost-effectiveness in mind.

A portable auscultation device attached to a smartphone
Android application including instructions for auscultation and results
Python analysis algorithm, database and WebApp running on server

Results: We built a proof-of-concept prototype of the design, and presented a new system for respiratory disease monitoring
Bild av projektet