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Most of the stops in Turku region do not have a digital display to show changing arrival times of the buses. The fixed stop schedules aren’t useful if bus time changes due to traffic congestion or other similar circumstances. Finding nearby stops or walking directions is also difficult, especially for tourists and first time visitors. Considering similar problems we came up with the idea of PysäKit that shows the real time bus stop schedules of Föli™ buses in the Turku region and is available for the Android™ devices.

Unlike web applications, PysäKit is very lightweight not only for low end devices but also in terms of mobile data usage. It also comes with better and powerful search features and filtering. You can also add frequently used stops to your favorites, which is useful and time saving for everyday commuters. Your favorite stops are always visible on the home screen and it only takes one tap to view your favorite stop schedule. Enjoy nature and beauty of Turku region and don’t worry if you’re lost because finding your way to nearby stops is aided by Google Maps™ and it is very handy when you are in an unfamiliar territory.

When it comes to convenience; it always feels good to look at the bus time tables from your cozy room instead of waiting on the bus stop on a cold or rainy day.

The application is available in Google™ Play Store. It is available in both Finnish and English language and would adapt to the default language of your device after installation.

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