University of Turku



The goal of the project is to build an autonomous delivery bot capable to navigate indoors. Factories and warehouses already use delivery bots that are designed to follow a colored line on the floor. We want to bring the technology to smaller scale and add scalability. Without the need of drawing lines for the delivery bot, the product can easily adapt to new environment. The test case is to deliver packages between rooms at the university.


The product - MOI robot - builds a map of its surroundings based on the data it collects from Lidar. The initial map building takes some time, but after that, it is able to navigate indoors autonomously. The robot uses Dijkstra algorithm to find an optimal path to its destination. It is programmed to avoid static and moving obstacles, e.g. humans.

Future development

The solution can be further developed for different applications. We found out that delivery bot relies on the same basic functions as, for example, an autonomous racing car or an agriculture bot.
Bild av projektet